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Wake up feeling refreshed and energized with some simple steps that can help you get more energy in the mornings; From getting better sleep to eating a balanced breakfast, there are many easy ways to increase your alertness and reduce fatigue.

BUT, the struggle is real, right?

So how do I get more energy in the mornings you ask?

Where is it all hiding?

(We legit need to find a way to bottle up that energy my 6-year-old pulls out of nowhere right at bedtime… am I right? Lol)

As a coach, I keep things private between my clients and me (of course). But lately, I’ve noticed a similar theme pop up between the various women I talk to about joining my wellness community:

⚡️They want more energy! ⚡️

And who doesn’t want more energy right?

So here we are, my top 3 tips to get more energy:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Fuel Your Body
  3. Sleep/Rest

Some Bonuses:

1. Drink Enough Water

Did you know the actual first sign of dehydration is fatigue?

And did you know, most of us, 75% actually, walk around chronically dehydrated on a daily basis?

So lets start drinking more water.

If you want to increase your water intake, you can try:

  1. Set a daily goal
  2. Set alarms on your phone
  3. Get a bigger jug (my Amazon fav: CA/US)
  4. Replenish after you Exercise
  5. Pair it with another task you do regularly
  6. Get an accountability buddy

I aim for around a gallon a day, BUT that doesn’t always happen. I usually get around 1/2 gallon to 3/4 of a gallon in me during the day.

We are looking for progress, not perfection.

2. Eat Well For Breakfast

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is one of the best ways to get sustained energy in the morning. Focusing on carbohydrates and proteins can help give you the energy boost your body needs to start off your day.

With carbohydrates, think slow-burning sources like oatmeal or whole-grain toast, while proteins should be lean sources like eggs, nuts, or Greek yogurt.

Also, you may want to avoid sugary foods as they provide temporary boosts that could lead to feeling sluggish afterward. According to data analysis published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, the results show that after consumption of sugary carbs was associated with higher levels of fatigue and less alertness.

And give your body better fuel too!

How To Get More Energy In The Mornings Pin

What are you giving your body to work with every day?

We literally are what we eat, so what are you putting in there?

Your body is constantly making new cells and if you feed it crap it’s gonna turn around and use that ‘crap’ to build your new cells.

Likewise, if you feed your body the nutrients that it craves, and it needs, your body is going to reward you with increased energy because it has the components it’s looking for to thrive.

Not only that, it’s going to give you better digestion talking I’m going to start talking a lot about this now because our new program just launched.

If you have any issues with gut health just dm me and we can talk about how better fuel equals better digestion, gives you more energy, and most important, healthier cells in your body.

3. Manage Your Sleep

Whether you get more sleep regularly or just get more sleep than you do now, it will actually boost your immune system, strengthen the heart, increase your productivity increase memory, and increase your energy in the mornings too!

To maximize energy levels in the mornings from sleep make sure that:

  • Your bedroom is dark and quiet
  • Limit caffeine intake before bed
  • Stick to a consistent bedtime routine, and
  • Don’t wait until you feel exhausted to go to sleep

Make sleep a priority because your body works so hard during the night to repair cells, build new ones, and build new energy stores for the coming day.

Lastly, according to a study published on Science Direct, 150 minutes of physical activity per week can improve your sleep quality by up to 65 percent.

This brings me to our first bonus… EXERCISE.

How To Get More Energy In The Morning Bonuses:

4. Make Time for Exercise

I know, I know, everybody always talks about that but making time for exercise, but it’s been proven that 20 minutes of exercise, at least three times a week can help you feel more energized.

According to a specialist in sports medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital, the benefits of exercise on your energy level are HUGE!

Exercise boosts your fitness and also your mood, and both contribute to your overall well-being. Additionally, exercising outdoors may also provide you with an extra source of energy from being active outside in the fresh air.

National Library of Medicine posted a study saying exercise can also boost energy levels throughout the day by promoting the growth of neurotransmitters in your brain (and our gut contains these little gems too!). The neurotransmitters release hormones responsible for creating positive feelings and providing us with more energy.

Plus, I’m sure that you already know this but, but exercise builds muscle strength, which makes your muscles more efficient at producing energy…

They are able to make more energy at less of an energetic cost in the body; your body’s conservation system.

So, whether it’s a simple walk or a quick jog, exercising first thing in the morning will give you a mental and physical boost to jumpstart your day.

Ok, one more for ya…

5. Boost Your Mood with Music & Light

Start your morning off right with a mood booster!

Music can be an excellent way to lift your spirits and energize you for the day ahead.

According to UPMC, some studies, like this one, have found that

Listening to music you enjoy may increase the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain like norepinephrine and melatonin. It may also decrease stress-causing hormone production in the body. As a result, music therapy has the power to do the following:

  • Reduce stress/ease anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Lessen depressed mood
  • Create positive mood
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Increase energy
UPMC Health Beat Blog

So try making a playlist. Pick songs that make you feel upbeat, cheerful, and ready to take on the world. Whether it’s music or podcasts you prefer, be sure to give yourself time to enjoy your favorites in the morning.

Make sure to check out my free resource library for my “Happiness Playlist”

And how to get more energy in the morning with light?

According to this study, Natural light:

  1. Controls the body’s circadian system (affecting your mood and perception)
  2. Enables critical chemical reactions in the body (like vitamin D & metabolism)
  3. Linked to increased satisfaction with the work environment
  4. Improving sleep & decreasing hospital stays in patients

Take advantage of by opening up the curtains or windows first thing in the morning. This can wake up your senses and help you from feeling groggy as soon as your feet hit the floor.

Light therapy lamps can be helpful in improving your energy levels and helping you fall asleep or wake up easier. It can take a few days to a few weeks to start to notice the effects, but it is designed to mimic the effects of natural light on the body.

They are pretty easy to come by, just hit up your local pharmacy, or you can check them out here through my Amazon link if you like (CA/US).

6. Practice Mindful Breathing & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation rituals can be great tools to help manage your energy levels.

Medical News Today says according to new canadian research, practicing yoga or mindfulness meditation for just 25 minutes can significantly improve brain function and energy levels.

Before you start your day, try taking a few moments to practice mindful breathing exercises or meditation. This could be as easy as laying down in a comfortable position, taking slow deep breaths, and focusing on thoughts or sounds that calm you.

Or if you have no idea where to start with that, head over and check out this blog post I wrote containing 3 calm-down breathing exercises to try.

And I do have one more surprise for you if you have never tried meditation before there is one in my free resource library 👇 

Free Guided Meditation

The guided meditation, Spotify playlists, & the community I mentioned in the video is in the Free Resource Library. If you don’t already have access to that you can hop in below.

Other super fun things in the resource library:

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  • Free Community

And So Much More…

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Need Help With More Energy?

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