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Thinking about trying 9-week control freak? Results on your mind?

This program changed my life, well not only that, it up-leveled my life…

My name is Ashley, and I had the pleasure of being part of the test group for the 9-Week Control Freak program. Today, I want to share my experience with you and give you some additional insights into the program!

9-Week Control Freak Results + Test Group Experience

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What is 9-Week Control Freak?

9-Week Control Freak is a fitness program created by Autumn Calabrese, and available only on BODi (which was formerly Beachbody).

It is five days of exercise per week, which includes:

  • 3 DCT-T Workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training)
  • 1 day of Total Body Tone
  • 1 day of Tabata Cardio + Core
  • Evening Controlled Stretches
  • Plus a bunch of 10-minute bonus and recovery workouts too!

Together, these training formats create powerful results in just 18-30 minutes per day.

This program promised to deliver results through a combination of strength training, cardio, and focused nutrition.

So, did it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at my personal 9-week control freak results next.

Try the sample workout here. It is only 18 minutes of work, and for cardio that is amazing (thank you Autumn lol)... BUT, I have all the sample workouts from BODi compiled on 1 page, and linked by type of workout (i.e. low-impact, weights, no equipment, dance, relaxation, etc.). I added a 1 month workout calendar for you. Check it out here! xo 

My 9-Week Control Freak Results

Although I was super nervous about the intensity of this program, after 9 weeks of being part of the control freak test group I can confidently say that it was worth the challenge.

Actually, this is the program I keep coming back to over and over again.

Anyway, I was worried because I had only ever completed two programs before, one being low impact and the other being MBF.

Once I heard that Kat was going to be the modifier for the program, as she did for Autumn’s 21-Day Fix, I allowed myself to start getting really excited.

Not only did I make significant progress in my fitness journey, but I also gained tremendous self-confidence in my ability to take on new things (I was so proud of myself when I finished I burst into tears… I felt the shift).

So, let’s chat about the changes…

Overall Posture and Body Composition Improvements

My 9-Week Control Freak Results

One thing I see right off the bat in my final transformation photo is posture.

Using the control track (equipment needed for the program) allowed me to get gym cable machine results at home. There are just some moves you can’t do with dumbells, and a lot of them were incredible for my posture and felt great doing them.

Another major change I noticed during the 9 Week Control Freak program was an improvement in my body composition and fat loss.

Through a combination of cardio, strength training, and nutrition, I built more lean muscle mass while also reducing body fat all over. BONUS!!

My overall muscle definition, particularly in my arms and shoulders, is what I noticed the most. I still have fat around the midsection so not a whole lot of definition for me around there.

BUT my results showed up pretty quickly… I actually lost my full muffin top in the first 16 days (lol 😂 )!

Here’s the Instagram post where I talked about that:

Phase 2 Brought Increased Strength and Endurance

One of the most noticeable changes I experienced during the 9 Week Control Freak test group was an increase in my overall strength and endurance.

At the beginning of the 9 weeks, I struggled with some of the exercises and could barely complete a full set. Which was fine.

Though the program emphasizes resistance training and cardio intervals, it also focused a lot on pushing at your own personal level of fitness. For example, doing as many rounds as possible in the first 12 minutes, only trying to beat your own numbers, not anyone else’s.

By the end of Phase 2, I was able to complete the moves I previously look at like ‘um… yeah right!’.

Here are my Phase 2 results:

Phase 2 is also where I had my breakthrough moment!

So we are in the last 4 minutes of the workout, and I was working hard, working harder than I ever have, and at one point I remember thinking…

oh, I can’t, there is no way I can do that! I can’t do it

… But Autumn pipes up at the right moment, just when you think you can’t do something and she makes you push past that limiting belief…

At that point, I looked at my legs because I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t stopped yet, and I really didn’t know how I was moving them…

But it was only because at that moment Autumn told me I could, and I FULLY BELIEVED HER FOR THE FIRST TIME!!

I was living on borrowed belief until that exact moment when it finally clicked for me that I… Me… ME who always gives up… I actually COULD DO HARD THINGS!

Huge Confidence boost going into the next phase for sure.

Phase 3 Upped My Energy and Confidence

Finally, the 9 Week Control Freak program boosted my energy and confidence.

I didn’t need my melatonin to fall asleep, I jumped out of bed at the first buzz of my alarm, and I also felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in myself for sticking to the program and achieving my goals.

It was amazing to see how much of an impact THIS one program had on my overall well-being, and esteem.

It leveled up my life in the way that I went ALL IN for the first time. Ever. And had epic results to prove it!

Here are my Phase 3, 9-Week Control Freak Results… -11.6 lbs & 11 inches (3 around waist, and 3 around hips):

Other 9-week control freak results from our test group round:

Let’s give a huge shout-out to these amazing women too…

More About 9 Week Control Freak

There are a few more things that make this program one of my all-time favorites…

Controlled Stretches In The Evening

There are 45 controlled stretches for the program.

During each day’s workout, Autumn reminds you to check back in with the controlled stretches. This was so beneficial for me and gave me an extra layer of accountability. Plus, my daughter, who just turned nine, loved doing them with me, which was a great bonding experience.

There is also progressive muscle relaxation, and breathwork to help get you ready for sleep too. I actually shared a few of the breathing exercises in another blog post here if you wanted to check it out.

The Bonus Workout Section

The bonus section includes Foam Rolling and Mobility For Rest Days, so you know exactly what to do to help that body recover from all the work you did during the week.

There are also a bunch of 10 Minute Bonus Workouts for Cardio, Abs, Back, Chest, upper body, etc. for you to add to any workout or program.

Don’t like the idea of the track?

Autumn created a version without it called 9-Week Control Freak Off The Wall which you get access to as well. SO GOOD!

Lastly, you don’t need much space either!

This program is flexible, and you don’t need that much space to do it either. The video above is just at the end of my bed, and as shown in the picture below, I just have it on the back of my bedroom door.

So, what do you think?

I highly recommend the 9-Week Control Freak if you’re looking for a challenging and effective fitness program to level up your fitness routine. Trust me, the results are worth it!

If you want to customize a pack, fill out this form (or click the button below) and I’ll get everything set up for you. I’ll email a link, and you can review it.

Otherwise, head over here and start customizing your own pack. Just remember to add the 9-Week Control Freak Accessories Bundle when you check out!

Anyway, I hope that helped with your decision-making process and if you have any questions just post them below and I’ll definitely answer!

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day!

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